Hello, community! Thanks for participating in our 1t phase of the testnet. Now are ready to reveal the next phase and tasks. All ZYX early adopters, eligible to participate have received an e-mail today. Our Medium post will give you more details regarding the tasks and participation step-by-step.

You should send ETH from Ropsten to the ZYX Minerva network via the bridge, then buy ZYX on DEX, add liquidity and stake LP tokens in the farming app.


Hello, community!

For now, all your eyes are on the testnet preparation. Of course, you can follow our TG channel and be informed about this process.

But also today we have to remind you this last staking month can bring you up to 150% APY!

Let’s remember what APY is. Thanks to Coinbase, we can do it really quickly:

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) means a percentage rate reflecting the total amount of staking rewards projected to be earned over an annual period, based on the then-current Rewards Rate compounding at set intervals for a 365-day period.

But as we’ve stated…

Hello, community!

Right now, we are checking the forms you sent us for testnet. We’ve received more than 12k forms! Thank you for your activity and support. We hope we’ll choose you exactly :)

Let us remind you what tasks you will receive during the testnet period:

1. Receive ETH via the Ropsten testnet;

2. Exchange ETH via Ropsten for ZYX;

3. Transfer ZYX, ETH or USDT using the bridge to our Minerva testnet;

4. Add liquidity to any of the pairs on the DEX launched in Minerva testnet;

5. Try farming:

- Add LP;

- Claim LP;

- Claim…

Hello, community!

Now we’re going to tell you some more about testnet…rewards! Yes, the most important thing about this testnet. Ha-ha, of course not.

Anyway, let’s go!

First of all, let’s consider your tasks:

1. Create at least 3 wallets and make daily transfers between addresses for 2 weeks.

2. Use DEX for 2 weeks, make swaps, add/remove liquidity.

3. Create a token contract, create a pair on DEX.

And of course, you should leave your feedback regarding all these three tasks.

If you’ll make all of them, you get a bonus.

We have 500,000 ZYX for the first DEX…

Hello, community!

ZYX Network is opening the application period for participation in testnet that will be launched within June 2021.

ZYX Network was launched in June 2020 and at the moment has more than 15,000 active users with almost 3,000,000 generated blocks and 100% uptime of the network.


To fulfill all necessities in the constantly changing crypto market, the ZYX team decided to develop and process migration to the new blockchain. …

Hello, community!

The ZYX Network team is delighted to announce that process of migration to the new blockchain is about to start.

ZYX Network was built and is operated by a team of developers with 5+ years of experience in blockchain, fintech, and software development fields. Supported by the marketing department. Genesis block of ZYX Network blockchain was launched in June 2020 operating on a PoS consensus with a broad geographical scope of users. At the moment network has generated 2.700.000 blocks with a 100% uptime ratio.

The decision to perform that change was taken under the effect of constantly…

ZYX Network literally connects DeFi on different blockchains into a single borderless ecosystem. Assets issued on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Solana and others will be able to flow without any obstacles between liquidity pools, with yield farmers earning rewards on all of them. $15 transaction fees will become a distant memory. The key? A pioneering system of bridges and oracles.

A bridge is an infrastructural interface that connects two blockchains. You may have heard of Binance Bridge, which connects Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. …

Hello, community! Here you’ll find the fuide how to use ZYX Bridges. Fell free to ask your questions in our chat. Let’s go!


— Click ¨Swap¨

The first step to buy coins is to register on the BitForex exchange. To do this, follow the link https://www.bitforex.com/ and click on the Register.

If you are already registered then go to step 3.

Step 1

Below you could find the list of addresses that are eligible to receive the Airdrop of ZYX TRC20 tokens. Conditions remain the same: lock-up for 40 days with 2,5% of the daily claim:


0x000000000000084e91743124a982076c59f10084 0x000000000000740a22fa209cf6806d38f7605385 0x0000000071e801062eb0544403f66176bba42dc0 0x0261c5a9e500a7c5fd8642d6ae3f32c32d838fb2 0x02cc4480bdb0335e764bebadfb0f428f990bc85f 0x02d55a29766a3e63f4b459e57c6054e8b4359867 0x033ab4d212a9b1d4ccea7cc885b6b337a087ff6c 0x0367340fbc38aee242065013527764cb507d5bb4 0x037c69ed208efcd772b59875de8a5711e4162390 0x067f05e70cddd01d95d047c8b393c4c0dbaee74a 0x07464964484ecc7a96ea19c8e80d7e6b7efd28dd 0x07aa361931ad8a2cd0940fb93a5ae074b996ded9 0x0812487eef7218fe9c76b9941a6b5e5c977e2571 0x08dbd968862a6b03c337f745c69356217c7375e2 0x0b7a24f5d150f008fc2086b1a1b863ecbee497f5 0x0b9d0bfd36730219d7ade67897fc63b2535ebf3d 0x0c55c3a24b34f72a2dac9a97526adeaa8f9010c5 0x0f084b704d0628e0204eebd28285f72cbfbab9c5 0x10455ac2b95d994b9d1b7bbac01ef0a6c649b8c7 0x11414661e194b8b0d7248e789c1d41332904f2ba 0x1468cd51d482fa4750c72471b144cb1b2f3f0ae0 0x15ee96412a47065ab3ca6528015721599445abe5 0x16a3a921579fdcec7c2f6745865ac4cc988ef127 0x16ea68f8d80860a8b635f66805219efbec385516 0x1766c529c257513ec43fc2ee4258ee18b15c5f5f 0x182220bdd0fde6adbe62fb198069c14d80290a23 0x1911a13952e438133e4d54624df9f99f59974e2e 0x1a840536870ad29f6c917fa806a2e60c91949dbb 0x1b21dba68063b1bb3de61e6d8d3c66cf89a09d6e 0x1d5f99b70bdb925f0f8aed638bbf4fd372d15fe0 0x1d8c978410aef405dd66e53ef9fe9de63845af66 0x1ddbef824741df7d5dc8830d75b0cd27563e83d8 0x1fc9560ac5bad66c8b112ce8c0f93029cfe80850 0x2062388c8bd4a86c052e3c0a024946ae36ef65b1 0x22667d5dc4665d451348095f156403b8df02cd87 0x233082560d527ae4d6b8eb5edfd047e3b68cfeda 0x2410fc8bd069edf114a2638766450541e8a0715b 0x24740b12919e9cfe9b50aabb48c4f58fd88c640f 0x24d8faaa05b74e097e2d7fa88dca5d665c7c6a84 0x264e8c2e0cc17b69de26eb6be6d2278b5a0b2ac3 0x26afaba15c3fc6215d30197cec86787376af4455 0x27e1151a343b1ded495325a9df98d9a968aa9823 0x28847d889c37f58478e664b14abddfb7298ea028 0x29d6d6d84c9662486198667b5a9fbda3e698b23f 0x2a3df8c9521c61927dc77fe191ffd409d2c34833 0x2b864d0e35a31ba85fabc04daa60837ac803e336 0x2c9635b5c2873b9219ebadfef6587f0aa262f3b0 0x2d63feeaffcdc5af042fd8f9ade54bd276a2cdbb 0x2d678e4d120529b46e10ca94d4197a373b554715 0x2fdb22d05ed9c55616e802bc71c61810b7e28a60 0x312d598f55d932ca011297d9dbfec3214778038c 0x32477e70b660272f514978185cf14a0c6fc68019 0x3693aa9bae9871838362969670de567dc2352e5f 0x36e54b5cd1b7ee9eee83fac537ec389759dcb61a 0x37af813944e8a318435f570f7482a5e3d2d46cae 0x39e34417811c3965636729659fdc7420f51b2e4f 0x3b81160d0c210b74caf721d1160b23e7137fe667 0x3c9963d031569992b8c8ae45e2ccb19bf479320e 0x3cdc6f91d41f1738e8e1cbd2a06f64dc6da5b0c0 0x3de72dba3327657e952209a060c7b1178973890c 0x3ed8906964cffc4d539258c57fe05427d91ecb3c 0x3f30c53a6d411140e180962cc4b58f3d00b81fde 0x3f499fe484a61af03b01ea5c81eab14f67c11a5a 0x3fe76bf6469f6adb80ea9ee9f8c654af2378a24c 0x40272668acc0836ea75d6df752e6e0a113b3cb84 0x4092b794e1e48bde68848bf8c155b466eb0984e0…


ZYX NETWORK is a decentralized PoS cryptocurrency with the payment function in a fast-growing ecosystem, provided by the economic motive with own blockchain

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