Hello dear ZYX people. We are really encouraged by the amount of feedback and participants of the new network Testnet. As you know these steps are crucial before launching a new Mainnet.

For task #3 we will be really brief because starting from now they will mainly be for more…

Hello, community! Thanks for participating in our 1t phase of the testnet. Now are ready to reveal the next phase and tasks. All ZYX early adopters, eligible to participate have received an e-mail today. Our Medium post will give you more details regarding the tasks and participation step-by-step.

You should…

Hello, community!

For now, all your eyes are on the testnet preparation. Of course, you can follow our TG channel and be informed about this process.

But also today we have to remind you this last staking month can bring you up to 150% APY!

Let’s remember what APY is…

Hello, community!

Right now, we are checking the forms you sent us for testnet. We’ve received more than 12k forms! Thank you for your activity and support. We hope we’ll choose you exactly :)

Let us remind you what tasks you will receive during the testnet period:

1. Receive ETH…

Hello, community!

Now we’re going to tell you some more about testnet…rewards! Yes, the most important thing about this testnet. Ha-ha, of course not.

Anyway, let’s go!

First of all, let’s consider your tasks:

1. Create at least 3 wallets and make daily transfers between addresses for 2 weeks.


Hello, community!

ZYX Network is opening the application period for participation in testnet that will be launched within June 2021.

ZYX Network was launched in June 2020 and at the moment has more than 15,000 active users with almost 3,000,000 generated blocks and 100% uptime of the network.



Hello, community!

The ZYX Network team is delighted to announce that process of migration to the new blockchain is about to start.

ZYX Network was built and is operated by a team of developers with 5+ years of experience in blockchain, fintech, and software development fields. Supported by the marketing…

ZYX Network literally connects DeFi on different blockchains into a single borderless ecosystem. Assets issued on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Solana and others will be able to flow without any obstacles between liquidity pools, with yield farmers earning rewards on all of them. $15 transaction fees will become a…

Hello, community! Here you’ll find the fuide how to use ZYX Bridges. Fell free to ask your questions in our chat. Let’s go!


  1. Go to https://zyx.exchange

— Click ¨Swap¨

The first step to buy coins is to register on the BitForex exchange. To do this, follow the link https://www.bitforex.com/ and click on the Register.

If you are already registered then go to step 3.

Step 1


ZYX NETWORK is a decentralized PoS cryptocurrency with the payment function in a fast-growing ecosystem, provided by the economic motive with own blockchain

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