Oct 4, 2021

1 min read

And here comes Testnet task #3!

Hello dear ZYX people. We are really encouraged by the amount of feedback and participants of the new network Testnet. As you know these steps are crucial before launching a new Mainnet.

For task #3 we will be really brief because starting from now they will mainly be for more advanced users with knowledge of coding and deploying contracts.

Task #3 consists of:

  • Create a token contract;
  • Deploy it on the ZYX Minerva testnet;
  • Create a pair on ZYXSWAP;
  • Add liquidity to the pair.

To participate please fill out the FORM if you haven't already done it for tasks #1 and #2.

You can always check previous testnet tasks which are still live:



Stay tuned, ZYX people!

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