Let’s speak about testnet tasks!

Hello, community!

Right now, we are checking the forms you sent us for testnet. We’ve received more than 12k forms! Thank you for your activity and support. We hope we’ll choose you exactly :)

Let us remind you what tasks you will receive during the testnet period:

1. Receive ETH via the Ropsten testnet;

2. Exchange ETH via Ropsten for ZYX;

3. Transfer ZYX, ETH or USDT using the bridge to our Minerva testnet;

4. Add liquidity to any of the pairs on the DEX launched in Minerva testnet;

5. Try farming:

- Add LP;

- Claim LP;

- Claim rewards.

Extra tasks:

6. Deploy a token contract, create pair, add liquidity;

7. Launch a node;

Every task will have its own form to submit reports. You will have to fill out this form to get rewards for participating. Here you can get what rewards you will receive for the tasks.

Be sure, we’ll launch the ZYX testnet at the beginning of August. So be ready! Before the start, we’ll provide you with some posts about every task one by one. Anyway, we’ll choose only experienced members to participate.

Stay tuned, ZYX People!

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