Pre-delegate to validators

2 min readNov 12, 2021

As we’ve received many questions regarding how to become a Validator or delegate to a Validator in ZYX Network, the decision to open a pre-delegation was taken.

Pre-delegating ZYX to Validators not only makes you familiar with this process before the ZYX V3.5 Barcelona launch. But also gives an opportunity to receive 6% APY on the pre-delegated amount.


  1. Have a non-custodial wallet Metamask installed. If you don’t, install (opens new window);
  2. Browse to the validators page on the web (opens new window)
  3. Click CONNECT, and approve the connection in the wallet itself if asked; Be sure to choose ZYX Mainnet Network. Or add custom RPC ( opens in new window );
  4. Scroll until DELEGATOR STATS;
  5. Indicate the amount of ZYX you want to pre-delegate;

6. Click DELEGATE and confirm the transaction in Metamask.

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