Sep 6, 2021

1 min read

The 2nd testnet task, let’s do it?

Hello, community! Thanks for participating in our 1t phase of the testnet. Now are ready to reveal the next phase and tasks. All ZYX early adopters, eligible to participate have received an e-mail today. Our Medium post will give you more details regarding the tasks and participation step-by-step.

You should send ETH from Ropsten to the ZYX Minerva network via the bridge, then buy ZYX on DEX, add liquidity and stake LP tokens in the farming app.


  1. Get ETH in the Ropsten network;
  2. Send ETH from Ropsten to the ZYX Minerva network;
    Note: Click Add Network at the bottom of the page to add ZYX Minerva testnet to your Metamask!
  3. Go to the ZYXswap and swap ETH to ZUSD;
  4. Then swap 50% of ZUSD to ZYX;
  5. Add Liquidity to ZYX/ZUSD pair;
  6. Stake LP!

P.S. The testnet will be over soon, so don’t forget to stake you $ZYX in the mainnet and get up to 150% APY. More info.

Stay tuned, ZYX people!

P.S. Please, notice, that all your rewards from the testnet will have 1 year vesting!

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