ZYX Network 2 weeks report #1

Why we’ve created ZYX Network?

Chapter #1

  • ZYX Mainnet V3.0 launch
  • 6 public RPC’s
  • Pandorum Bridge launch
  • Adding assets to the Pandorum Bridge
  • WZYX contract deploy on Arbitrum L2/Binance Smart Chain
  • ZYXSWAP DEX launch
  • ZSWAP DAO farming launch
  • Pre-delegation contracts launch
  • Updating listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Updating listing on Coingecko
  • Network listing on Dexscreener
  • Network Listing on DefiLlama

Chapter #2

Chapter #3

Incubation process

Chapter #4



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ZYX NETWORK is a decentralized PoS cryptocurrency with the payment function in a fast-growing ecosystem, provided by the economic motive with own blockchain