ZYX Network 2 weeks report #1

5 min readNov 18, 2021


It’s been a busy time since ZYX V3.0 was launched on October 29th. We’ve been preparing for the launch and genesis block for 6 months prior and we are still at the very beginning of the journey to reach our goals.

Why we’ve created ZYX Network?

The main goal was to create a network for DeFi, NFT, P2e, and Metaverse projects. Make it a fair, cheap, and free space from sandwich or arbitrage bots. In other networks to make a pool hidden for bots requires from projects a lot of computing power to mine blocks or run a node, whether purchasing the needed amount of tokens or launching delegation. In our network, everyone can connect to special validators nodes and send transactions directly to the hidden pool. ZYX Network is a safe and reliable place for all crypto communities and projects.

As the new version of the network was launched, we want to reshape our type of communication regarding development, achievements, and plans. First months we’ll publish reports every 2 weeks, passing them to monthly and quarterly reports.

If you want to learn more about details of passing from ZYX V2.0 to ZYX V3.0, be sure to look through this Medium Article: https://zyxnetwork.medium.com/zyx-network-v3-0-3f5018b64ca4

This 2-week report is divided into 4 chapters to point out key happenings and results during this time:

#1 Overview
#2 Metrics&Tokenomics
#3 Ecosystem
#4 Plans

Chapter #1


  • ZYX Mainnet V3.0 launch

The genesis block was forged on October 29th, starting the count of a new epoch in the history of the ZYX Network.

  • 6 public RPC’s

To ensure stability and avoid any type of technical issues, we’ve decided to create several public RPC’s with highly scalable request quantities. Can be used both by developers and users.

  • Pandorum Bridge launch

We’ve opened the gateways for users from Arbitrum L2 and Binance Smart Chain as a pioneer. With vast plans of increasing the number of supported networks to 8 in the near future. Currently, supported chains are Arbitrum L2, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, ZYX Mainnet.

  • Adding assets to the Pandorum Bridge

Currently, supported assets are ZYX/WZYX; USDT; USDC

  • WZYX contract deploy on Arbitrum L2/Binance Smart Chain

As more networks were added to the Pandorum Bridge support, more wrapped tokens needed to be deployed in that chains.

  • ZYXSWAP DEX launch

Native DEX built on ZYX Network with unique capabilities such as 0% slippage; front run, and arbitrage bot defense.

  • ZSWAP DAO farming launch

More info on ZYXSwap and its tokenomics could be found in this article: https://zyxnetwork.medium.com/zyxswap-dex-details-10e9da8e03e9.

  • Pre-delegation contracts launch

Validators were supposed to appear in the ZYX V3.5 Barcelona. To prepare holders to this fork even before the Barcelona Testnet is launched we’ve decided to give an opportunity of pre-delegating ZYX to validators with a fixed 6.7% APY. The metrics of this contract are indicated in chapter #2 of the report.

  • Updating listing on CoinMarketCap

All information regarding token swap, new contracts, total supply, circulating supply.

  • Updating listing on Coingecko

All information regarding token swap, new contracts, total supply, circulating supply.

  • Network listing on Dexscreener

Appearing as a chain on DexScreener.

  • Network Listing on DefiLlama

Appearing as a chain on DefiLlama.

Chapter #2

Tokenomics update

The genesis block of ZYX Network V3.0 had a total supply of 222,000,000 ZYX with 15,600,000 ZYX of those forming the circulating supply. During 2 weeks from the ZYX Network V3.0 launch circulating supply was decreased due to the launch of several staking and farming campaigns.

Market Cap: $2,838,045
Total supply: 223,150,100 ZYX
Circulating supply: 17,785,313 ZYX
Locked in ZSWAP farming contracts: 7,604,400 ZYX
Locked in pre-delegation contracts: 3,436,644 ZYX
Liquidity: 434,000 ZYX on BSC; 335,000 ZYX on Mainnet
Staked on bridge: 3,559,500 ZYX
Unique holders: 12,535
Trading volume: $2,000,000 daily
Total blocks: 575,000
Transactions: 765,800

All numbers above are for November 18th

Chapter #3


Thanks to the previous work with several teams, we’ve been able to add very important blocks to the ZYX fundamentals at the early beginning.

Native bridge of ZYX Network / Automated bridging service via native oracles without manual confirmations

TVL: $1,322,657
Transactions: 371 (median $3,565)

Native DEX

TVL: $120,913
Medium trading volume ( 7 days ): $986,115
Accumulated trading volume ( 7 days ): $6,902,809
Transactions: 12,179
Pairs: 9

Tracked as DEX on DefiLlama
Tracked as DEX on Dexscreener

Incubation process

Name TBA
Landing/Borrow protocol

White Rabbit
NFT market place

Case protocol
Infrastructure RPC service for high demand

Name TBA

Name TBA
Multi sender service

Name TBA
Public oracles service

Chapter #4


Short term
Head company-developer registered in Spain;
Registering foundation in Switzerland;
Partnerships and deployment of more Defi services on ZYX Network;
Announcing ZYX Start Hackathon;
Pandorum bridge expansion with more networks added: Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism;
Adding more supported assets on Pandorum bridge;
Running testnet Barcelona with public validators and delegate functions;
Running DAO Services for the Mainnet and other projects launching on ZYX Network;
Creating a fund with 5 000 000 ZYX coins in it ( $1 000 000 for 17.11.21) to be used as rewards in future hackathons.

Long term
Summit ZYX Spring 2022 in Barcelona.


In conclusion, we wanted to state that ZYX has an uptime of 100% by the moment with no critical technical issues being identified during that time. We strongly believe in the rapid growth of the ecosystem and working hard on attracting developers and projects to build on ZYX Network. We are just at the very beginning of a long but very interesting way of building a network that can be useful for a wide spread of individuals and corporates. Stay tuned for future updates.

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ZYX NETWORK is a decentralized PoS cryptocurrency with the payment function in a fast-growing ecosystem, provided by the economic motive with own blockchain