ZYX Network important updates

Dear community! Please carefully read this article to be aware of all updates, actions required, and to avoid any misunderstood.

As has been already commented in our previous communications, we are suspending all rewards for staking both in ZYX Mainnet, Ethereum, and Binance Smart chain starting from today, October 18th. A snapshot of all balances has been taken and no further balance increase for staking or any other balance change will be taken into consideration once we start the migration process.

During the last 6 months, we’ve been developing a new version of the ZYX blockchain to ensure that it will meet all our necessities and requirements to grow and develop in this rapidly changing crypto space. 2 months ago, the Minerva testnet was launched, where we started to try all of our theories, alongside other developers, and users.

Finally, the day has come, and we are ready to start the last phase — migration from the ZYX Mainnet V.1 to V.2. To have the migration as smooth as possible and give stability to the new Ecosystem once it’s launched, it’s crucial to swap token contracts in Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Networks. As the first step, we’ve withdrawn current liquidity from ZYX/ETH and ZYX/BNB pools. Once the Migration process is finished, and the new Mainnet is launched, the liquidity will be added to the new pools. Estimating this to happen in the midterms of the next week.

Tonight, October 18th, a Migration Window will be opened where you will need to fulfill the form in order to confirm the migration of your balances from the ZYX V.1 Mainnet, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain Networks. A further instruction we’ll be published alongside the form goes live.

On Monday, October 25th, we’ll publish an article with a further explanation of how ZYX V.2 will look like, what roadmap we’ll follow, and what new possibilities are opening for us with our migration to the new blockchain.

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ZYX NETWORK is a decentralized PoS cryptocurrency with the payment function in a fast-growing ecosystem, provided by the economic motive with own blockchain