ZYX Network V3.0

6 min readOct 29, 2021

We’ve received a lot of questions regarding how the ZYX will look once the genesis block of the ZYX Mainnet V3.0 will be forged. We’ve prepared this article to bring light to the new Roadmap and explain the Ecosystem structure. But first, let’s remeber the ZYX Network story.


On June 7, 2020, the first version of the ZYX Network was launched. In fact, the project started out as a regular type of blockchain project, with its own idea and goals. The tokenomics implied a rapid growth in the number of coins and fair distribution as rewards for staking. But after 2 months, the projected financing of the project was suspended. By that time, V2.0 of the network was already developed and successfully launched, alongside many security and networking updates.

In September 2020, after numerous conversations with major coin holders, it was decided to continue the network development: technical and expansion. Maintain the coin distribution and follow the roadmap. Besides, it was concluded that the current strategy will need to be revised in 1 year.

Over the past 16 months, ZYX coins were deployed as tokens on the Ethereum and BSC networks. Alongside farming, it provided an opportunity to attract even more coins and users.

From the very beginning, we were determined to complete the work and do something big, but the attitude was as simple as an ordered work. Today we treat it like a native project that has not been abandoned. And the most valuable thing in it is the community. We are happy to interact with a huge number of interesting and positive people.

Today we are delighted to show you a description of ZYX Network V3.0. Our largest project and the one that we can be proud of today.

What is ZYX Network V3.0

Our mission statement is "Become a Mega Blockchain Network"

ZYX Network V3.0 is an EVM-like blockchain network, with PoA / PoV consensus, smart contracts, and other EVM network benefits.

The ability to use solidity as the main code for all smart contracts, as well as low commissions and the possibility to include more than 1,500 transactions in each block every 3 seconds, provides tremendous opportunities for developers and users.

Validators are responsible for network operation and block validation. In the version of ZYX Network V3.1, which we named Barcelona, ​​in honor of the beloved city where the ZYX Network was born and which will be launched very soon ( first as a testnet ), any user can become a validator and invite other network members to delegate coins and vote for its validator node.

In ZYX V3.0, a DAO decision-making mechanism is also planned, users with a sufficient number of coins can submit a vote and all network participants can vote and make decisions on the operation of the network.

As soon as the Barcelona testnet is verified enough, we will propose the deployment of the testnet to the main network through the DAO by the majority of votes. After that, the network will be hard forked without migration and all the possibilities for validators will take effect already in the main network.


On October 25th the Migration Window was closed, and we’ve proceeded with checking all data submitted. This process was estimated to be finished in 72 hours. Once the information was confirmed, all balances were added to the genesis block.

All ZYX holders who migrated from ZYX V2.0 to ZYX V3.0 will receive fascinating airdrops that will be revealed within 2 weeks.

As we’ve stated before, a token contract swap was needed as well to ensure the smooth migration, and to give the correct shape to the future ZYX ecosystem, where ZYX will be the mainnet coin, and WZYX it’s derivative strictly dependable on the mainnet supply in other networks.

The goal of WZYX is to become a main financial instrument that will be used in the algorithmic functions to rebalance assets through the bridge across different networks.

For this purpose, the WZYX token contract was deployed in Ethereum L2 Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain Networks. Later WZYX will be deployed in Ethereum L1, Optimism L2, Solana, NEAR, Avalanche, Polkadot, Fantom, Polygon, Cosmos.

Liquidity for the WZYX/ETH pair will be added on L2 Arbitrum Uniswap and WZYX/BNB on Pancakeswap on November 1t.

As core developers we want to ensure that ZYX will be growing in a favorable environment, and receiving support from the major holders, it was decided to apply vesting for all assets migrating from the ZYX V2.0 to ZYX V3.0. This includes both users, team, advisors, and foundation. Below you can find the chart with the vesting schedule.


Treasury includes Grants program, the allocation for OTC VC funds deals, etc.


  • The Foundations Grant & Incubator program includes support for the projects and developers;
  • Core Mainnet of ZYX Network is Minerva PoS\PoA consensus
  • Main website ZYX.Network
    General information regarding the project
  • Docs doc.zyx.network
    Technical and supporting documentation
  • Explorer ZYXscan.com
    ZYX Network Block Explorer
  • Case Protocol
    Infrastructure products dynamically scaled with your application to meet the demands of your users
  • ZYXSwap
    A DEX with advanced security from the sandwich and front run bots. Hidden mempool will give the possibility to send transactions directly to validators, without revealing the data in MEV. Another strong point is 0% slippage to avoid transaction failures. Alongside DEX, ZYXSwap will possess a Launchpad with anti-rug system, where the contract deployer address will have 48 hours delay from sending a transaction to unstake the liquidity until the execution.
  • Pandorum
    Cross-chain bridge with DAO governance. DAO will decide the number of applicable commissions to use the bridge.
  • Primarily available traces:
    Ethereum — ZYX — Ethereum
    Binance Smart Chain — ZYX — Binance Smart Chain

    To be added:
    Solana — ZYX — Solana
    Avalanche — ZYX — Avalanche
    Polkadot — ZYX — Polkadot
    Fantom — ZYX — Fantom
    Polygon — ZYX — Polygon
    Cosmos — ZYX — Cosmos

Apart from native developments, ZYX Ecosystem will consist of several projects already from the beginning thanks to our prior work of attracting developers and teams to deploy on ZYX Minerva. The pioneers of the ecosystem will be:

  • ####
    NFT marketplace and launchpad
  • ####
    Launchpad incubator with team and liquidity lock mechanisms
  • ####
    DeFi yield aggregator

ZYX Network V3.0 Launch Road Map

Genesis block
Deployment of WZYX on Arbitrum L2 Uniswap and Binance Smart Chain

Video and chat conferences about new network and opportunities

Bridge opening
Adding liquidity to WZYX/ETH on Arbitrum L2 Uniswap
Adding liquidity to WZYX/BNB on Binance Smart Chain Pancakeswap
Opening trading WZYX/ETH; WZYX/BNB

ZYXswap launch alongside ZYX-USDT, ZYX-USDC pools

Farming of DAO tokens on ZYXswap DEX


We are extremely happy to bring new opportunities to the ZYX community, thanks to the launch of ZYX Network V3.0. In the era of really fast changes, the crypto space was always in front, with its breathtaking speeds. We are putting all our effort to act as pioneers in this race and oversee the horizon of possibilities.

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ZYX NETWORK is a decentralized PoS cryptocurrency with the payment function in a fast-growing ecosystem, provided by the economic motive with own blockchain